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PAL-05 Outlaws of Sherwood Everyone knows Robin Hood. Outlaws of Sherwood lets you play the tales of the legendary outlaw and his dastardly foes, from one-on-one fights to whole campaigns with multiple forces. You can raise your own outlaw band, or become a proud knight with his retinue of men-at-arms. As Robin you can win archery contests, disguise yourself in unlikely ways, and get knocked off a log by people you just met. As the wicked sheriff, you can oppress the peasants, chase Merry Men through the Greenwood, and do that evil laugh you always wanted to do.

The core rules are simple, designed for new wargamers of all ages to pick up and play. A card deck decides who moves next. You can play other special cards to – say – dress up as a washerwoman and have nobody say you aren't. Combat is based on PAL's card version of Rock-Paper-Scissors, where you can jump back or leap aside from a blow, or taunt your opponent with insults.

Additional rules allow for personalising your own 'faction' for good or evil, and developing your characters and their followings through a series of games. We include a whole set of scenarios, from simple 'starter' encounters to full-blown multi-player battles. You can play out a full ongoing campaign where your heroes and their followers gain success and reputation – or don't. And, if you want to take the outlaw motif beyond Sherwood, the campaign system can be moved to the Scots or Welsh borders, the marshes of East Anglia, or Ireland.

There' s a history of the real Robin Hood, sources for figures, and a listing of books, movies and television shows.

If you want to rob from the ric and give to the poor, or simply keep it all yourself, Outlaws of Sherwood is the game for you! The PDF version of the game includes the Special Action Cards and the PAL Medieval action Deck, giving you all the components you need to play the game (minus figures, terrain, dice, a table and a opponents). And the PDF version (including the cards) is included free with purchase of the Hardcopy!

Available from Wargame Vault - $18 PDF, $25 Softcover. PDF free with purchase of the softcover.

PAL-05C Outlaws of Sherwood Special Action Deck Included free as part of the the Outlaws of Sherwood PDF Available from Wargame Vault $8 Printed. PDF free with purchase of the Printed Cards.

PAL-ACMe Medieval Action Deck Included free as part of the the Outlaws of Sherwood PDF Available from Wargame Vault $8 Printed. PDF free with purchase of the Printed Cards.

PAL-04 Caveman! Mexican Jack Squint presents possibly the least evolved set of wargame rules ever. By which I mean "Since the glaciers retreated."

Movement? All based on the size of your hand.

Missiles? Throw a wadded up paper ball at your opponent across the table. If he's supposed to be in cover, he holds up a chair.

Melee? Three rounds of "Rock, paper, scissors'. Or – more historically accurate – "Rock, rock, rock." It's a bit dull, though.

Mastodons and terror birds? They're in there. Dinosaurs? We got 'em. Grey Aliens? Got 'em too (they use supersoakers!)

A Mexican Jack Squint production, brought to you by Mexican Jack Squint. Some minor help from Howard Whitehouse and Roderick Robertson.

A Mexican Jack Squint Joint.

Available from Wargame Vault - $5 PDF

PAL-B1: Prehistoric Mayhem Now you can get both of our Prehistoric action games: Eat Hitler and Caveman! for the low price of only $10 - a One-Dollar savings from buying them individually! Available from Wargame Vault - $10 PDF

PAL-03 Battle Troll

Man-to-Man combat as depicted in the Icelandic Sagas

“The man thrust at Gisli with a spear, but Gisli struck off the spear-head from the shaft with his axe, and the blow was so stout that the axe passed on to the rock beneath, and one horn of the edge broke off. Then he throws away the axe and clutches his sword and fights with it, and shields himself with his shield. They attack him bravely, but he kept them off like a man...”

- The Saga of Gisli Sursson

The world of the sagas is a world of proud and irascible men with touchy tempers and big axes, and how their bad manners as tourists are matched by an astonishing inability to get along with the neighbors. It’s like the Wild West, without the schoolmarm and the preacher, held on a cold windy coastline.

It's about blood-feuds, and raids, and quarrels, and blood-feuds, and stealing other people's stuff and taking one another to the rowdiest courts in the world, and blood-feuds, and being exiled to the far-flung reaches of the world and behaving just as badly there. It's about visiting other lands, meeting interesting people, and hacking them about with ironmongery and looting churches because that's where the gold and silver are kept. It's about you, me, Onund the dog-faced and his foster father Sven going over to see the farmer across the river to tell him exactly what we think of him.

Personal combat in the Norse sagas is notable for its combination of grim humor, gymnastic violence and a graphic interest in the details of wounds, especially those with fatal consequences. “Battle-Troll” is all about that, a fast, bloodthirsty game simple enough to play after several horns of mead. Stolen mead, from a looted monastery.

Available from Wargame Vault - $18 PDF, $24 Softcover. PDF included free if you buy the hardcopy!

PAL-03C Battle Troll Action Deck

A full set of fifty-two cards needed to play Battle-Troll. Action Cards for four bands of Vikings, two sets of Combat Cards for attack and defense, and two hand-sized Combat Results Tables. Combat in Battle-Troll is like rock-paper-scissors with swords and axes, with insults thrown in and a chance to fall on your -----.

Available from Wargame Vault - $4 PDF, $8 printed. PDF included free if you buy the hardcopy!

Bundle it!

Buy both the Battletroll PDF and the Action Deck PDF as a bundle for only $20.00 - a $2 savings!

We're sorry that we can't offer a Hardcopy bundle at this time. But as soon as it is available, we'll let you know.

PAL-02 Eat Hitler - the Nazi Taste Treat APRIL 1945. BERLIN. Things aren’t going well for the Third Reich. Mistakes have been made. Plans have miscarried. The Russians are close, very close, and they seem uncharitable in their intentions. Luckily, Nazi scientists have been working on important developments. Not practical new weapons or even the zombies, werewolves and robots. No, they’ve got the time machine set up. In the bunker, next to the ersatz-coffee machine.

It’s a brilliant scheme. Knowing what he knows now, Adolph Hitler will travel back to 1933 and get Everything Right This Time. He’ll take Bormann, and Eva Braun and Blondi the dog. There’s no room for Himmler, no matter how much he whines. It’s not a very big machine.

Ach! Dummköpfe!” screams the Fuhrer. “Dies ist nicht Berlin in 1933! Das ist kein Brandenburger Tor!

(“This is not Berlin in 1933. That is not the Brandenburger Gate!”) Eva Braun knew that her sweetie was right about this, although she could not have told you that the big thing in front of her was known as a brachiosaurus... Available from Wargame Vault - $6 PDF

PAL-01 Mad Dogs with Guns

Origins Award nominee for best Historical Wargames Rules!

Mad Dogs With Guns is a miniatures game set in the “Roaring Twenties”—the wide-open era of Prohibition, Tommy Guns and concrete overshoes. It’s about mad-dog mobsters, crooked cops, and the kind of liquor that can send you blind for weeks. It’s about fast cars and faster women, paid-off politicians and basement breweries, private eyes and public enemies. But mostly it’s about men with silk suits, snap-brim fedoras and automatic weapons, quarrelling violently.

You get more with a smile and a gun than you do with a smile.
—Attributed to Al Capone

Available from Wargame Vault $18 PDF, $24 Softcover.PDF included free if you buy the hardcopy!