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What's Upcoming at Pulp Action Library?

In playtesting: The Next Exciting Expisode, a game based on the movie serials of the 20's-50's. Meticulously researched (by watching hundreds of hours of serials - over 50 complete serials so far...), we cover the basic set-up, Serial Tropes, additional combat rules, and examine the various genres of serial: Spy, Western, Jungle, Rockets and Superscience, etc.

We're also working on Flint & Feather, a ruleset to go with Bob Murch's very nice set of Iroquois and Huron figures (see them on the Pulp Figures website

After Flint & Feather comes (hopefully) the long-awaited Chainmail Bikini, wherein iron-thewed Barbarians taking on weak and puny city folk, out-sized fauna, and eldritch horrors.

And some time in the near future (i.e., before next year!) we hope to bring out an action deck for Mad Dogs With Guns.

So much further up the pipeline that they haven't even been assigned numbers yet:Old Trousers, the Napoleonic Wars on the Spanish Penninsula; Mexican Jack's contribution: Amazon Pirates from Orion's Belt, Mighty-thewed astronauts defeating the legions of Queen Dementia of the Space Amazons, meteors on collision courses, and villans dressed in black and silver.

And even further up the line? Maybe a "Goin' Viking" supplement to Battle Troll, or a version set in Homeric Greece... And perhaps Howard's White Zulu novel. And then there are Howard's as-yet-unamed Western rules...