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Outlaws of Sherwood

Supplemental Material

Figure Sources

Larger Scales

Small games suit the classic “toy soldier” scale of 54mm (or thereabout), which are available in plastic, together with knights, from Britains Ltd. Not many available, but quite nice.

Trident Miniatures (currently sold under the Vanguard name) have a small range in 40/42mm size.

Smaller Scales

I grew up with the 20mm plastic figures by Airfix, still available after at least thirty-five years under the HäT label. You can only get sets for the outlaws and the (essentially Hundred Years War) “Sheriff’s Men”. However, 20mm plastics are available from several manufacturers, such as Caeser, Imex, and Italeri and sets listed as “Crusaders” or “Teutonic Knights” might offer warriors from an earlier medieval period. Zvezda have a Medieval Peasant Army set that offers many possibilities.

Tumbling Dice have metal figures in this size.

15mm may be thought to be on the small side for a skirmish-style game, but there are many medieval ranges available. Splintered Light make a Robin Hood line, which are very nice indeed.


My own choice is the vast range of 25/28mm metal figures currently available.

The oldest and most venerable – though honestly the least detailed! – range is Peter Gilder’s Robin Hood series put out by Hinchliffe in the 1970s. These are still available, though Hinchliffe now part of Hinds Figures LTD.

Qualitycast made a small, very endearing line of Robin Hood figures as an addendum to their Thirteenth Century medievals, with the additions of lepers, beggars, dogs, monks and the like. Alas, these are out of production.

Most of my figures are Foundry "Baron’s War" and “Hundred Years War” pieces, and some new figures have been released with a specific Robin Hood component. These ranges feature many interesting civilian types as well as warriors.

Games Workshop used make a superb set for Robin, Friar Tuck and Little John. Listed as “Bertrand the Brigand” among their Brettonians for Warhammer Fantasy, Check for them on Ebay.

North Star Figures have three figures under their own name – Robin, Marion and the Sheriff, and two more (Marion and Friar Tuck) under the Trent Miniatures title.

Essex Miniatures have a “Feudals” line that features twelfth and thirteenth century types. Their knights are available in matching foot and mounted variants, which I particularly like.

Blue Moon have several sets for Robin and his men and the Sherriff’s contingent. These are a brand under the Old Glory banner – there are many suitable medieval figures from Old Glory proper.

Ranges that I have not seen included Gladiator, Curteys, Black Hat, Spencer Smith, and Warrior.

I can’t paint heraldry all that well – I can divide a shield into quarters and that sort of thing, but my lion rampant looks like a dancing hamster. I use transfers from Veni Vidi Vici for the hard parts. Little Big Man makes more expensive, more complex dry transfers.