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Supplemental Material

Cave-ish - Stupid caveman speak from Bob Pavlik, whose 'Konk on the Noggin' was the source of how we move figures in Caveman.

Nils Hedglin's one-page QRS for Caveman (PDF).

Figure Sources


Irregular Miniatures' Tusk range can provide both cavemen, and animals to hunt (or be hunted by).


Copplestone Castings have Cavemen and Cavewomen in their "High Adventure - Lost Worlds" line. They also have a number of Dinosaurs (if you want to have Cavemen battling Dionosars instead of sabre-toothed cats).

The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company has a set of cavemen (and "one unspecified beast/thing"). They can also provide a Mammoth and Dinosaurs.

Steve Barber Models has an entire range of "Prehistoric Settlement", including humans, animals and watery beasts.