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Eat Hitler

Supplemental Material

Nils Hedglin's one-page QRS for Eat Hitler (PDF).

Figure Sources


Black tree Designs - The Historical - World War II line will not only provide Waffen SS for your bodyguards, but also Hitler himself, as well as General Paulus and Sepp Deitrich. Not to mention Allied personalities if you'd like some "Alternate Eat Hitler History"...

Pulp Figures has some Gestapo soldiers in their Wierd Menace line, as well as some sinister She Wolves. Among the other ranges are several female figures who could serve as Eva Braun, mad scientist types, and at least one dog.

Warlord Games' Bolt Action line will provide plenty of German troopers, along with a variety of vehicles to use as the time machine.

Crusader Miniatutures' World War II - German range has plenty of German troopers.


Iron Wind Metals has a variety of metal dinosaurs in their Natural World line (as well as mammals, if you'd rather visit the Eocene or Pleistocene eras instead of the Mesozoic or Cretaceous).

Safari LTD has a wide variety of Dinosaurs in their lines.

Copplestone Castings has a number of Dinosaurs in their "High Adventure - Lost Worlds" line.

The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company can provide a variety of Dinosaurs.